6 years in 500..ish words

Apr 9, 2024

If I had to describe my journey with Skroutz over the past 6 years in just 500 words, then it would begin something like this…!

It all started in February 2018 (milestone for my growth journey at Skroutz) at the bright and breezy open space  offices of Skroutz in Nea Ionia with the yummy breakfast buffet, at a time when the company employed about 140 persons. All around me were smiling, friendly, familiar faces, filled with energy and ideas! 

My training was the starting point and I moved on to become an Account Manager in the Commercial Department. For the next 2 years, I was in charge of a portfolio of partners that were mostly active in Fashion. 

What did that mean at the time? It meant that I was in constant communication with our partners every day to have their queries answered, improve their performance on Skroutz and utilise the platform’s services and functions to the maximum.

Experiencing the organisation from the inside, one thing I realised was that complacency was the one thing that Skroutz was certainly lacking. A series of crucial changes, such as the change in the pricing model (to Cost per Sale) and the introduction of the -then –“Skroutz Shopping Cart” (otherwise called “Smart Shopping Cart”, or, spoiler alert, “Marketplace”) made Skroutz synonymous with change, which is used as a primary tool for continuous progress. One thing I will never forget is how all these changes and our continuous efforts to improve our merchants’ experience brought us all even closer together! A single team with persistence, patience, passion, readiness and courage! And, as I always say, “Teamwork, makes the best work”. Teamwork has always contributed and keeps on contributing to our evolution, effectiveness and the achievement of our goals!


Experiencing the organisation from the inside, one thing I realised was that complacency was the one thing that Skroutz was certainly lacking.

In 2020, the pandemic came to change our routine for good, since remote working invaded our lives overnight. I remember the anxiety over what “tomorrow” holds. Over how we would manage to adapt to these new and lonely circumstances. Over when we would all come together again. The first days of working at home were unfamiliar and uncomfortable. There was a pervasive concern about how smooth the Internet connection or the power supply would be, so that the day could pass without any IT system trouble. However, from the very first day we had ensured what mattered the most, i.e. the interaction among us, even if it was virtual! We quickly settled into a rhythm and grew accustomed to this new regime. 


Covid -19 knocked at our doors 

The lockdown days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and then came the day that we returned to the office with our masks and Covid certificates, keeping our distance. While we were striving to maintain our inner balance, it was also necessary to safeguard that our partners would adjust to this new reality. Eventually, it did not take us long to realise that our partners also made it; they harnessed the platform’s capabilities and succeeded in the midst of a very challenging period.

I will never forget the day when there were 8(!) boxes of Cretan delicacies waiting for us at the office, together with a thank you note that wrote “The Skroutz Shopping Cart was the only source of income for my store during these difficult times”. It was at that moment that I realised, to my utter satisfaction and excitement, how well we had managed to pull this off! We did it all together and came out stronger than ever!

Merchant's gift during lockdown arrived at the headquarters of Skroutz

My growth journey at Skroutz

Skroutz was growing rapidly and I myself was growing along with it! I evolved to a People Manager; I assumed my new duties and I was now leading my very own team of Account Managers in the Fashion category. In my experience, guidance, respect, honesty, open communication, reward and teamwork are the keys for success that help bring out the best in people.

Fast forward to today: It’s April 2024, and my growth journey at Skroutz finds me evolving in the role of International Partners Success Lead in the Commercial Department. Skroutz spreads its wings and soars across borders, while the newly established International Partners Success team contributes to the strategic development of foreign partners operating in all product categories. This expansion presents an exciting new challenge, prompting us to explore new markets, enhance and adapt existing platform features, attentively address partner needs, and communicate in the universal language of e-commerce. Our commitment is to deliver personalized solutions to all partners through a range of innovative services, ensuring added value for their businesses

Express delivery, sending orders abroad, the order storage and processing service (Fulfilled by Skroutz), Advertising solutions, the statistics and performance monitoring tools (Data & Insights) and the well-established days for deals (Plus Days) are only some of the services specifically designed for our partners within the context of their development plan, aiming to boost their presence, sales and turnover.

Have you ever wondered how they make all this happen? The answer is no other than the  #1 Marketplace in Greece! As my colleaque Giorgos, wrote a while back at one of his articles, our way of working can easily be encapsulated at the phrase : Hold my beer! 

I feel proud to be on the passenger seat of Skroutz’s journey!With our “Better now than perfect” motto serving as our compass, I am looking forward to our next destination! 

Antigoni Fragkouli 

Graduate of the Department of Greek language and Literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her love for the tech industry and communication began with Beat and continues through the role of International Partners Success Lead in the Commercial department at Skroutz.

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