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Skroutz-Let's talk about constraints!People
S03 E10

Let's talk about constraints!

In this different episode, George Chatzigeorgiou, CEO & Co-founder of Skroutz, explains why constraints make us think differently and out of the box!
Skroutz-Handling Emotions at WorkPeople
S03 E09

Handling Emotions at Work

"Emotions at work! How do we manage the emotions we experience in our work environment and how does decoding them helps us improve?
Skroutz-The Skroutz way of feedbackPeople
S03 E08

The Skroutz way of feedback

Feedback opens up a world of diverse perspectives, enhances us, helps us evolve, and serves as a fundamental prerequisite for success!
Skroutz-Skroutz Water Cooler StoriesPeople
S03 E07

Skroutz Water Cooler Stories

In this episode, the team reminisces about various funny moments and wraps up the 18th year of Skroutz in a Christmas atmosphere and spirit!
Skroutz-HR: The UnmaskingPeople
S03 E06

HR: The Unmasking

Join us as we zoom in on the intricacies of People Ops departments across various companies, immersing ourselves in the world of HR professionals.
Skroutz-Skroutz Engineering Diary : the onboardingEngineering
S03 E05

Skroutz Engineering Diary : the onboarding

This episode kicks off the 'Skroutz engineering diary' series.
Skroutz-Internal Mobility at SkroutzEngineering
S03 E04

Internal Mobility at Skroutz

How significant is Internal Mobility at Skroutz and what are the reasons behind its importance? What kind of support can you expect?
Skroutz-Skroutz Values: The story so farPeople
S03 E03

Skroutz Values: The story so far

How were the Skroutz values conceived, and why do they hold such significance? When were they initially documented officially?
Skroutz-Skroutz Interview: Prep TipsPeople
S03 E02

Skroutz Interview: Prep Tips

Athina Karagiorgi, Business Partner and Chris Nitsas, Tech Lead, share invaluable tips and advice to help you prepare for that first interview with Skroutz
Skroutz-Owning my PerformancePeople
S03 E01

Owning my Performance

Elena Markou, People Growth Lead, talks to us about our ownership mindset and the mechanisms that make it a reality.
Skroutz-Mobile App First: From Concept…to ApplicationProduct
S02 E17

Mobile App First: From Concept…to Application

Our Mobile team remembers the most important projects they completed and sets the next goals that old and new developers will face!
Skroutz-Content Editing: What does content mean at Skroutz?Teams
S02 E16

Content Editing: What does content mean at Skroutz?

What happens once a product is listed on Skroutz? Where do Content editors get their information and photos from? Meet the content team!
Skroutz-Category Management & Merchandising: organizing the storeTeams
S02 E15

Category Management & Merchandising: organizing the store

What's new in trends? And how well does the order in which the products are displayed meet consumer needs? Meet the teams of Category Management & Merchandising.
Skroutz-Marketing: the brand, the campaigns & the teamMarketing
S02 E14

Marketing: the brand, the campaigns & the team

In this episode the Marketing team explains to us what is behind the planning of all the company's communication actions, but also how the brand is re-introduced as a complete marketplace.
Skroutz-BI & Analytics: The data behind decisionsTeams
S02 E13

BI & Analytics: The data behind decisions

In this episode we hear from the Business Intelligence (BI) and Product Analytics teams, who together act as Skroutz 'analysts'.
Skroutz-Partners: Cultivating successful partnershipsTeams
S02 E12

Partners: Cultivating successful partnerships

The Skroutz partner network consists of thousands of stores! The Partners team undertakes the finding of new partners and supports their rapid development.
Skroutz-Users’ teams: our ‘frontline’Teams
S02 E11

Users’ teams: our ‘frontline’

The behavior of users on our platform generates valuable information and conclusions about how the user experience can work even better!
Skroutz-Operations: the processes that drive SkroutzTeams
S02 E10

Operations: the processes that drive Skroutz

The teams of Skroutz Operations cover three main pillars of the company: the commercial department, marketplace orders, and the overall strategic direction of all departments!