Skroutz-6 years in 500..ish words
Apr 9, 2024

6 years in 500..ish words

It all started in February 2018 (milestone for my growth journey at Skroutz) at the bright and breezy open space  offices of Skroutz in Nea Ionia.
Skroutz-Operational Excellence: Skroutz's recipe
Feb 7, 2024

Operational Excellence: Skroutz's recipe

Values and Principles are the DNA of each company, where we can identify the key elements on which all the norms, behaviors, decisions and actions will be sooner or later based on.
Skroutz-Introducing Revolutionary Advertising Solutions for Brands
May 17, 2023

Introducing Revolutionary Advertising Solutions for Brands

Skroutz offers Performance Marketing solutions for creating, managing and tracking product promotion campaigns.
Skroutz-Continuous Performance Management: The Skroutz way
May 7, 2023

Continuous Performance Management: The Skroutz way

CPM. These are just 3 letters you may say, but these 3 letters symbolise the way we do performance management and development at Skroutz.
Skroutz-Career growth framework @ Skroutz
Apr 7, 2023

Career growth framework @ Skroutz

Over the past few months, we have invested a significant amount of time in developing and redesigning the career growth framework for various teams at Skroutz.
Skroutz-Skroutz Feed: your personalized marketplace
Nov 3, 2022

Skroutz Feed: your personalized marketplace

Online shopping becomes personalized with trends and products tailored to the needs of each individual user!