My Skroutz trip: Two years & counting

Sep 1, 2023

Two years have been brimming with challenges, learning opportunities, and novel experiences. I’ll strive to encapsulate my professional journey in a few lines, painting a picture of my daily life as a member of Greece’s largest marketplace. In June 2021, I embarked on my journey with the company as a Business Operations and Strategy Associate. Two years have whizzed by, and I now find myself integrated into the Commercial Operations team, where each day continues to be a voyage marked by challenges and, above all, personal and professional growth.

One thing I can affirm with unwavering certainty is that Skroutz is no ordinary company. It’s a living entity pulsating with the vitality of many gifted individuals. Stepping into our offices, you’re immediately greeted by an ambiance of energy, enthusiasm, and a collaborative ethos.

My professional journey starts as a member of the Bizops team. Delving deep into the mechanics of each department, comprehending their needs, and understanding how these units synergize across diverse projects has been paramount. I’ve been fortunate to be part of projects that nudged me beyond my comfort zone, instilling in me the significance of analyzing issues from varied perspectives. From the outset, I recognized that grasping the tempo of the eCommerce realm is pivotal; the strategy and projects you come up with must harmonize with consumer needs and desires. Success hinges on methodical investigation and research, ensuring your plans are lucid and coherent, but most importantly, anticipating potential obstacles and project evolution.

My professional journey 

George Karanatsidis- My professional journey at Skroutz

One of the pivotal challenges in this role is evaluating, quantifying, and formulating an idea or concept, even in the absence of complete data. This nascent draft is subsequently presented internally to stakeholders. Then assessing its feasibility from both data and vision angles, the requisite backing, and the projected outcome. Here’s where reality asserts itself. Certain concepts may not yet be mature or might confront impediments that hinder execution. Timing proves to be the linchpin.

Then the fun begins and the captivating projects! Timing fell into place, prerequisites were met, and we seized the opportunity to make them shine. One such project involved broadening order deliveries to Cyprus and EU countries. The timing was ripe to take the next leap and expand our brand into uncharted territories. Skroutz, as Greece’s top-ranked Marketplace with extensive e-commerce expertise, a remarkably user-friendly platform, and an exceptional team, was the ideal candidate for this endeavor.

Cyprus…here we come!

Our strategy commenced with Cyprus in September 2022 – a market sharing many similarities with Greece yet characterized by distinct habits and regulations. Starting from scratch, we had to erect processes and adapt to the intricate technical facets of the project. As anticipated, all teams had to synchronize due to interdependencies. Core product, partners’ platform, marketplace operations, commercial, marketing, legal, and, of course, customer support – all played pivotal roles, offering vital feedback. With pride, I can affirm that we excelled. As we culminate the inaugural year in Cyprus, familiarity prevails, with the next objective being to have everyone partake in shopping.

The subsequent stride, a more formidable challenge, involves expanding the store-based supply base. This necessitates operational and technological adaptations and changes. Furthermore, given its nature, it demands merchants, rendering the business development facet pivotal, encompassing meetings, conference participation, and exhibitions. Commencing is always arduous, and initial setbacks are an integral part of the expedition. While occasionally vexing, the experience is profoundly enlightening. A wealth of learning stems mainly from colleagues’ queries and impediments. Clarity emerges regarding areas necessitating enhancement to elevate the project.

Exhilarating news! Thanks to collective efforts, robust foundations have been laid to welcome a plethora of international merchants to Skroutz. Mission accomplished? Not quite, yet we’re already transitioning to the subsequent phase – users. Undoubtedly, a colossal challenge in the face of intense competition, but we stand on formidable underpinnings, fortified by an extraordinary team, poised to actualize our objectives.

Just before I conclude, allow me to invoke a favored phrase from a fellow Skroutzer that encapsulates our modus operandi: ‘Hold my beer!'”


George Karanatsidis

George is a Senior Associate in Skroutz’s Business Operations and Strategy division. As a Chemical Engineer, he embarked on his career in the food industry, where he gained a deep appreciation for the value of operations. Transitioning into consulting brought him into contact with a diverse range of industries and unique challenges. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Operations Management. He is currently pursuing an MBA from the Athens University of Economics.

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