Who we are

We are dreamers. We are bold. We are pioneers. We are the ones who changed, once and for all, the online market in our country, by creating the #1 platform for online shopping.

Since our launch in 2005, we are constantly evolving, offering solutions that make everyone’s life easier with the power of technology.

What we do

Our Mission

Happy users, successful merchants

We put our users' and merchants’ needs first. Our mission is to enable users to find everything they are looking for, make their purchasing experience seamless and enjoyable, and support them in the best possible way after their purchase. Offer merchants the most robust platform to help them scale their businesses.
Skroutz-Our Vision

Our Vision

We put the “wow” in shopping

Hardcoded to our DNA, our vision is to always provide users with an awesome, unparalleled shopping experience & offer merchants an efficient, trustworthy, trouble-free, and easy-to use sales channel.

Our story

Skroutz-Our story-2005

Skroutz.gr goes live! Who would have thought it would become the #1 e-commerce platform in Greece? We would!

Skroutz-Our story-2007

We launched our first integrated pricing model for merchants. The famous CPC (Cost Per Click) model.

Skroutz-Our story-2009

We grow and we grow, reaching more than 500 merchants and more than 300.000 products!

Skroutz-Our story-2011

We, and our logo, go bold! Skroutz introduced itself again with a fresh redesign of its logo.

Skroutz-Our story-2013

Bye bye Menidi, hello Nea Ionia. We moved to our new home, our Awesome Factory HQ.

Skroutz-Our story-2015

Happy 100 to us! More than 100 extraordinary minds are now part of our teams.

Skroutz-Our story-2016

From price comparison to a unified shopping experience! Skroutz Marketplace is here.

Skroutz-Our story-2019

Oh.My.Skroutz! We reached over 32 million monthly visits!

Skroutz-Our story-2020

We partnered up with CVC Capital Partners, for the further development of new innovative services!

Skroutz-Our story-2021

What a year! We introduced our very own delivery service Skroutz Last Mile.

Skroutz-Our story-2022

Do we ever stop? No! We invest in privately owned warehouses, offering our merchants our new “Fulfilled by Skroutz” service.

Skroutz-Our story-2023

Europe, here we come! Our 14 million products are now shipped to over 24 European countries.

What we invest in

Skroutz-Last mile

Last mile

To ensure that our users receive excellent service, in April 2021, we acquired SendX and launched our own courier company Skroutz Last Mile. We currently offer faster & more secure shipments with over 500 drivers-riders, 320 vans and 1000+ Skroutz Points (self pick-up points) all over Greece.


To provide greater security & reliability in our online transactions and new, innovative payment solutions to our users & partners, in July 2022, we proceeded with the full acquisition of EveryPay.
Skroutz-Fulfilled by Skroutz

Fulfilled by Skroutz

To help our partners to grow their available stock and get rid of all the complex & time-consuming procedures, in May 2022, we launched the Fulfilled by Skroutz service. This new service offers the possibility to store products in Skroutz's warehouses and have full control of order fulfillment by our team. Till today, over 100 partners are using the FBS service, with over 15,000 successful orders and 100% delivery reliability.
Skroutz-International expansion

International expansion

To offer all the advantages of shopping via Skroutz to even more consumers, as of January of 2023, we started shipping products to 24 European countries, with our first stop being Cyprus. This comes as a continuation of the personalized shopping experience that our users can now enjoy, based on their own needs & interests.

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