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Through technology, we want to make everyone’s life better by being trustworthy, trouble-free, and easy to use.
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Skroutz-Listen to inside stories and meet our teams.
Skroutz-Get behind the scenes

Listen to inside stories and meet our teams.

Skroutz Sessions
Skroutz-The Big Bang
S01 E01

The Big Bang

In the first episode of the trilogy we are learning about the unexpected but explosive beginning of Skroutz.
Skroutz-The Boomerang Effect
S01 E02

The Boomerang Effect

We're back! Our three co-founders are once again behind the microphones for an episode full of twists and turns!
Skroutz-Zero Doubt
S01 E03

Zero Doubt

With an eye on the future of Skroutz, Yannis (COO), Antonis (Director of Product) and Thalia (CMO), talk about how they are moving forward in the Skroutz 2.0 era... without any doubt!
Skroutz-Discover what’s new
Skroutz-Discover what’s new

Discover what’s new

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Skroutz-Supporting our communities
Skroutz-Supporting our communities

Supporting our communities

Together, we help people and communities make a positive impact on the world.
Social responsibility

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Skroutz-The Skoop service by Skroutz: New service for selling products among users
Feb 20, 2024

The Skoop service by Skroutz: New service for selling products among users

Users can now post sales ads and buy products from other users easily, quickly and securely on Skroutz.
Skroutz-Operational Excellence: Skroutz's recipe
Feb 7, 2024

Operational Excellence: Skroutz's recipe

Values and Principles are the DNA of each company, where we can identify the key elements on which all the norms, behaviors, decisions and actions will be sooner or later based on.
Skroutz-Together for the society
Jan 19, 2024

Together for the society

The concept of unity within a community is ingrained not only in our culture but also in our DNA, influencing every decision we make.