Skroutz: The online shopping trends for purchases realized during Christmas period

Jan 8, 2024

The average basket value order for this year’s festive online shopping season was 67€ for purchases via skroutz.

Skroutz meticulously documented the online shopping trends during this year’s Christmas holiday period (10-22/12/2023), drawing comparisons with the corresponding period last year (11-23/12/2022). Notably, holiday online shopping at Skroutz Marketplace surged by 28% compared to the same timeframe in the previous year, with the peak occurring on Monday, 18/12, when the order count surpassed 45,000.

The average price of a basket on Skroutz Marketplace during the review period reached €67, marking an 8.51% year-on-year increase. Analyzing consumer preferences in product categories, the most substantial surge in sales was observed in the “Men’s shirts” category, recording an impressive growth of 108.58%. This trend indicates a growing consumer inclination towards the Fashion category on Skroutz.

The top 10 best-selling product categories during the 2023 holiday season comprised:

  1. Mobile Cases
  2. Mobile Phones
  3. Mobile Phone Cells
  4. Vitamins
  5. Tabletop Toys
  6. Bluetooth Handsfree
  7. Face Creams
  8. Sneakers
  9. Mobile Screen Protection
  10. Lego Games

Remarkably, the online shopping trends show that consumers demonstrated a preference for on-the-go shopping through the Skroutz app, resulting in a 24.5% increase in app visits. Concurrently, Express deliveries via Skroutz experienced a 40% year-on-year surge, while Skroutz Last Mile deliveries saw an impressive uptick of 54%. Additionally, orders dispatched from Skroutz warehouses (Fulfilled by Skroutz) for the holiday season witnessed a remarkable 236% increase compared to the same period last year.

Lastly, regarding the preferred payment methods, consumers opting for the Buy Now, Pay Later program had an average order value of 380€. In comparison, those using Google and Apple Pay averaged purchases worth 52€ and 58€, respectively.

For an in-depth analysis of shopping trends during the Easter 2023 period, please refer to the provided link.

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