Operational Excellence: Skroutz's recipe

Feb 7, 2024

Values and Principles are the DNA of each company, where we can identify the key elements on which all the norms, behaviors, decisions and actions will be sooner or later based on.

Most organizations across industries declare that they either excel or are willing to excel in their field, operating in a way which highlights this attribute in the goods or services that they are offering. In reality, few have tried and managed to depict in their core ethical code the key principles of Operational Excellence, so as to reproduce them in their everyday life seamlessly. 

What is Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence (OpEx) is a business management philosophy and methodology that focuses on achieving the highest level of efficiency, productivity, and performance within an organization. The primary goal of Operational Excellence is to optimize internal processes and operations to deliver products or services in the most effective and streamlined manner possible. This approach involves a continuous effort to identify and eliminate waste, reduce costs, enhance quality, and improve overall business operations.

Skroutz’s set of values is a living example of how a business modus operandi like Operational Excellence, can be applied and provide great business results, through its encapsulation into the company’s principles and not through endless systems and process transformation programs, which are not targeting at touching and affecting the organizations’ core, its ethical code. To make clear this (definitely not random) correlation, we will shortly refer to the top five OpEx key pillars and the respective Skroutz operating value, which highlights this direction towards Excellence.

It is out of the question that we will not start an initiative, a project, a meeting or even a small talk without focusing on our users, keeping them in the centre of whatever we are involved in.

Process Optimization

OpEx emphasizes the systematic improvement of processes to enhance efficiency and eliminate unnecessary steps or activities. Incremental but consistent small daily changes, towards our end goal are the key to success.  This often involves using methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma, or other Continuous Improvement techniques. At Skroutz, like all humans, we are looking for “perfection”. However, no one can know how “perfect” is actually defined. That’s why, we aim to constantly grow our knowledge and move towards perfection in small steps. Therefore we set big goals but we take small steps during every iteration towards success.

Customer Focus

Operational excellence is not just about internal processes; it extends to delivering value to customers. Companies adopting OpEx prioritize customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products or services, meeting delivery expectations, and maintaining a customer-centric approach in their operations. At Skroutz respectively, every time we create something, we always ask ourselves a question: How does this help our users? It is out of the question that we will not start an initiative, a project, a meeting or even a small talk without focusing on our users, keeping them in the centre of whatever we are involved in.

Adaptability and Innovation

Operational excellence is not a one-time achievement but an ongoing commitment to adapt and innovate. Successful organizations embrace change, encourage innovation, and are responsive to evolving market conditions. At Skroutz, in an ever-changing world, the only strategy that works is to keep our eyes open and adapt. Change is the only constant in our thinking process and everyday life, keeping us ready to grasp and develop any opportunity we come along in this exciting journey of disrupting e-commerce in Greece ( and not only ).

Employee Involvement

Engaging and empowering employees is essential for operational excellence. Teams are encouraged to contribute ideas, participate in problem-solving, and take ownership of their roles, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. At Skroutz, we want each person on our team to have ownership of their work and to care about its progress and outcome. So that we all have the opportunity to develop our skills, to be responsible for and proud of something of our own, and to be committed to it until we see it triumph. Everyone owns a smaller or bigger piece of the customer experience and is very proud of serving selflessly everyone he or she interacts with.


At Skroutz, the result we want to achieve always shows us the path worth following and drives us towards success.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Leveraging data and analytics to inform decision-making processes is a crucial aspect of operational excellence. Organizations use data to identify patterns, make informed choices, and continually refine their operations based on performance metrics and results. At Skroutz, the result we want to achieve always shows us the path worth following and drives us towards success.

Operational excellence has been and will continue to be a key framework for any kind of organization across industries, for the facilitation of all the efforts which can contribute to maximum business and end-to-end value for the customer. At Skroutz, we are all aiming to amaze in all the areas where we operate, so as to fulfill our vision for Happy Users and Successful Partners and we have no doubt that we will succeed as our corporate DNA is designed to excel and design cars when everyone else would expect just another faster horse. Stay tuned and follow us across our endless journey towards Operational Excellence, a path  full of unique customer experiences and seller success stories.

Michalis Avgoulis, Operational Excellence

Michalis Avgoulis 

Michalis Avgoulis possesses over 10 years of experience in Process Design and Operations Excellence. After finalizing his MEng degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in National Technical University of Athens in 2012, he started his career as Technical Project Manager at Procter & Gamble in Belgium and Germany.

In 2014 he joined Johnson and Johnson Consumer Manufacturing site in Greece, leading organization’s digital transformation as Production Manager. He delivered numerous cross-functional regional initiatives based on Lean tools and methodologies, with focus on Continuous Improvement and Manufacturing Excellence. In parallel, he has been member of Decision Support Systems Lab of NTUA, developing innovative analytics solutions for J&J supply chain optimization challenges.

Since 2022, he has joined Skroutz Marketplace as Operations Excellence Manager, focusing on the improvement of user and seller experience across the user journey in the rapidly growing and evolving E-Commerce sector. 

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