Continuous Performance Management: The Skroutz way

May 7, 2023

CPM. These are just 3 letters you may say, but these 3 letters symbolise the way we do performance management and development at Skroutz.

First things first, CPM stands for Continuous Performance Management, a framework that creates processes that include near-term objective setting, regular 1-1s, and real-time feedback.

Our very own approach to CPM is an annual calendar with recommended career sprints that take place throughout the year.

 We provide Skroutzers with the necessary resources and tools, maintaining a light reporting back to the People Ops team.

This decision fuels our philosophy and mission, for every Skroutzer to become owner of their professional life.

The pillars we rely on are the following:

Bi-weekly 1:1s

As we like to say, this is the most important meeting of the week. The manager together with the team members decides on the agenda, day, and in general, the setup that suits their needs. 1:1s are not status update meetings, they are developmental talks led by the team member. They give the opportunity for highlights to be shared, feedback to be exchanged, inquiries to be clarified and new goals to be set.

Rescope Sprints

Rescopes are 1:1s that take place twice a year. Managers meet with their team members to discuss the previous quarter’s achievements and highlights and to run the goal-setting exercise for the upcoming quarter. Something that plays a significant role for us when we discuss performance and development, is the coaching mindset we want to embrace. What we mean is that we don’t solely focus on achieving targets and goals. We also emphasize the manner in which we approached our work, the company values that we adopted, and the behaviors that we displayed. It is through this approach that we unlock our growth.

360 Sprint

This is the only career sprint that we run officially, due to its technicalities and complexities. Like the number itself reveals, this is a step in our process where everyone has the opportunity to share feedback to everyone through 4 custom-made forms; self-reflection, peer-feedback , manager-feedback, and manager-up.

Talent Committees

We hold those meetings together with middle and senior management participants aiming to discuss the performance and development journey of their team members.
Our objective is to facilitate knowledge-sharing within the people management community, pinpoint potential successors and future leaders, establish consistent criteria for evaluating talent across the organization, and ultimately develop a shared language that reinforces meritocracy while fostering growth.

Compensation Reviews

We adhere to the Continuous Performance Management principle, which advocates for separating performance and compensation discussions. As humans, we tend to prioritize news related to money over other information. Recognizing this tendency, we have decoupled these talks to ensure that performance evaluations are not overshadowed by compensation matters. However, it is important to note that the performance and development journey does have an impact on compensation decisions. We simply make the decision-making process a distinct step in our overall process.

We utilize benchmarking tools for all of the aforementioned events to provide clarity and objectivity to our discussions. With numerous teams in the mix, we employ a variety of tools to suit their specific needs. Nevertheless, regardless of one’s team, seniority, or role, we all rely on two common tools that serve as a compass for our actions – our values and a career growth framework.

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