Education: A significant pillar of social responsibility for Skroutz

Dec 15, 2023

As we attempt to take stock of the year slowly coming to an end, we feel fulfilled, knowing that for yet another year, we have remained true to our commitment to support education—the foundation of the future, our children.

Through a series of partnerships with educational institutions across the country, we are supporting education and helping meet basic educational needs, empowering these schools.

There are moments when a single click brings us all closer together. It’s these clicks that we at Skroutz cherish the most, as they go beyond our mission of ensuring happy consumers and focus on ensuring happy children.

For our little friends

We addressed the needs of primary schools and kindergartens, focusing on laptops, computers, projectors, tablets, printers, copiers, and 3D printers. This support extended to schools both within Attica and beyond, such as the 9th Primary School of Nea Ionia, the 1st Primary School of Heraklion Attica, the 18th Primary School of Maroussi, the 13th Primary School of Ilion, the 9th Primary School of Alexandroupolis, the 12th Kindergarten of Acharnon, the 38th Kindergarten of Athens, the 81st Kindergarten of Athens, and the 6th Primary School of Ermoupolis.

We were touched by the love for learning displayed by the young students at the special primary school of Kalloni on Lesvos, and we were delighted to offer educational games for our little friends. Simultaneously, we addressed the computer needs of K.E.D.A.S.Y. in Pieria.

Skroutz: supporting education and robotics

For the slightly older ones

We equipped secondary schools, such as the Gymnasium-Lykeio of Ag. Theodoron, with laptops, monitors, computers for projectors, the 10th Gymnasium of Acharnon with 3D printers, and En. E.E.Y.L. Ilion with interactive boards, projectors, and computers.

Our commitment to supporting education is a non-negotiable value for us—a value that takes shape through every student group we support. Most recently, we backed the “Minders” student team of Educational Renaissance in their participation in the World Robotics Olympiad, an effort that resulted in the team winning third place.

Desmos…for Schools

In collaboration with the non-profit organization “Desmos,” we have partnered to provide schools in the region, particularly in Viotia, Florina, Corfu, Astypalea, and Lesvos, with state-of-the-art electronic equipment, sports gear, and stationery. This initiative aims to bring about a significant transformation in the daily school life of students in remote areas, and we are delighted to be actively involved in this effort.

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