CSR Initiatives: Building a Better World

Jun 6, 2023

Empowering communities and Driving Positive Change.

In a world where finding what you need is just a click away, Skroutz goes beyond its core mission to help users find what they are looking for. Empowering ommunities is deeply ingrained in our values is a commitment to giving back to local communities and society as a whole. 

While not often vocal about our actions, Skroutz has made a significant impact through its diverse range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Recognizing that children are the cornerstone of our future, Skroutz has dedicated resources to support educational institutions and non-governmental organizations – such as Symplefsi & Together for Children – that focus on the well-being & education of kids and young children. Through the provision of much-needed supplies, including technology, Skroutz aims to empower schools and contribute to the growth and development of the next generation. 

However, our responsibility extends beyond the young generation. We also believe in the importance of caring for the elderly and other vulnerable social groups. To do our part, we actively support local municipalities & NGOs that lend a helping hand to these communities.

Being an animal-friendly company, we not only welcome animals into our workplace but also strive to protect and support animal shelters and wildlife initiatives all across Attica.

We stand to local communities 

Also, we are there to help in times of need. During the devastating wildfires that swept through Greece, we acted swiftly. We immediately provided Skroutz Last Mile vans to assist firefighters and civilians in transporting equipment and supplies. Furthermore, we allocate annual funds to firefighters and hospitals, recognizing the vital role they play in safeguarding our communities.

Our employees, whom we affectionately call Skroutzers, are the heart and soul of our social responsibility efforts. On our annual blood donation day, Skroutzers selflessly give their blood to support the needs of Evaggelismos Hospital. Additionally, we ensure that the blood requirements of our employees’ relatives are met, contributing over 15 bottles of blood each year.

At Skroutz, we take a humble approach to our corporate social responsibility efforts, preferring to let our actions speak for themselves. Through our commitment to empowering communities, supporting the vulnerable, and protecting our world, we aim to make a genuine and lasting difference. We consider ourselves as silent contributors, driven by the belief in the transformative power of giving back. It is truly an honor to be part of this meaningful journey along with all the groups & NGOs we support, working towards a better future together.

You can read all about our actions here

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