Skroutz Feed: your personalized marketplace

Nov 3, 2022

Skroutz feed: Online shopping becomes personalized with trends and products tailored to the needs of each individual user!

Skroutz, the #1 marketplace in Greece, is renewed and enriched with personalized content so that each user can enjoy a complete shopping experience based on their own interests. Every time the user logs into their Skroutz account, the personalized homepage feed (which is constantly updated with new content) will present them with products and trends based on their own needs. Personalized recommendations for both products and content enjoyed by users aim to quickly inform consumers, with buying guides, new releases, offers, and promos, as well as exclusive Skroutz Plus Deals. The goal of this innovation is to inspire users to discover trends and new products, as well as to create an exceptional shopping experience, targeting at its core, the unique needs of each individual.

The browsing experience on Skroutz now gives the feeling of a classic walk around the shops at a mall to look for new products, trends & inspiration. Opening up new horizons so that Skroutz can become a place where users love to spend their time. The personalized Skroutz feed enjoyed by each user will not only continue to be updated with different types of content (such as mobile-first videos and more) but also with the creation of user-generated content of users, making Skroutz the largest community for exchanging purchasing info & tips in Greece.

Mr. Hatzigeorgiou, CEO and Co-Founder of Skroutz, stated:

Dedicated to our vision of offering an increasingly better shopping experience to our users, we are transforming Skroutz into something more than just a Marketplace: into a tool for the user and an even more innovative platform in the e-commerce space. Our goal is to offer a personalized shopping experience and to have a leading position in the lives of our users, even before the first step of the customer journey.

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