Skroutz: Shipping service is now available for European Union countries

Jan 30, 2023

The shipping service for orders made via Skroutz Marketplace is now available in a total of 20 countries.

Skroutz, the largest marketplace in Greece, has expanded its product delivery services. The Greek marketplace announces the shipping service in European Union countries. This move will allow even more consumers to benefit from the security and reliability of Skroutz Marketplace. In addition to Cyprus, where shipping was recently announced, Skroutz Marketplace will now offer shipping to 18 other European countries: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Malta, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, and Portugal.

The expansion of shipping services aims to provide Skroutz services in European countries and enable consumers to discover the millions of products available on the platform. Additionally, partner merchants that previously did not have the option to ship abroad can now make their products available to consumers in Europe, adding another potential sales channel.

Users can take advantage of the ability to search and add multiple products to the same basket and choose their preferred payment method, either by credit or debit card. Purchases can be made in a completely secure environment, with guaranteed receipt and refund. To check the availability of shipping to their country of interest, users will need to specify their shipping address.

Yannis Alivizatos, Chief Operations Officer of Skroutz, stated:

Making the product shipping service available to consumers in all 20 European countries marks a new era for Skroutz. It provides a way for consumers in Europe to enjoy the reliability of Skroutz, and for Greek businesses to find an avenue to the European market. Skroutz aims to provide consumers with a flawless shopping experience at all stages, making online shopping easier and safer.

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