"Instalments for all, without credit card" for purchases via Skroutz Marketplace

Jul 19, 2022

Instalments for all is yet another service by Skroutz in cooperation with financial institutions, designed to make users’ shopping experience even easier.

Skroutz, the #1 marketplace in Greece, has partnered with financial institutions to introduce a new financial tool, “Instalments for all” aimed at providing a seamless shopping experience for its users. With this new payment method, consumers can purchase products on Skroutz Marketplace in instalments without the use of a credit card.

Through the “Instalments for all” program, Skroutz (in partnership with financial institutions) will offer consumer loans of up to €2,000 with a low-interest rate that remains fixed for the duration of the financing. The loan application and approval process is fast and straightforward, requiring only access to the financial institution’s e-banking system.

The program is available for all product categories, except for technology, seasonal goods, and toys. Users can find more information on the categories included in the new payment program on this dedicated page.

How does this work?

To take advantage of this new program, users must make purchases via Skroutz Marketplace with a total value between €250 and €2,000. On the payment page, they will select “Instalments for all” and the number of instalments (from 6 to 12 months of repayment), and then checkout. They will then be automatically transferred and logged into the institution’s e-banking page, where they can submit their loan application and receive a response via email. They must electronically sign the loan application within the next two hours to complete their order.

Aiming to provide an unparalleled online shopping experience, this new payment program is added to the long list of financial services & payment methods offered by Skroutz Marketplace, such as Credit Card payment (and repayment in 3 interest-free instalments), Secure & Reliable Payments, Buyers’ Protection Program & more.

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