Skroutz Black Friday Report 2023

Dec 4, 2023

Skroutz Black Friday Report 2023: A month-long fiesta of deals for consumers, with the average shopping cart price soaring by 21.52%.

As Greece’s premier marketplace, Skroutz unveils the Black Friday 2023 Report, unraveling the tale of consumer spending, favored product categories, and the families who seized the most from the ocean of offers and discounts.

This year, Black Friday stretched its arms wide over almost a month on Skroutz, not just rounding up all the deals on one page but also rolling out the red carpet for exclusive discounts from major brands. Simultaneously, a slew of strategic moves by Skroutz aimed to ease transactions, offering consumers perks like installment payments (with or without a credit card) and special promotions.

Skroutz’s Business Intelligence Team dissected the data, revealing a remarkable 21.52% surge in the average Skroutz shopping cart compared to 2022. In the price game, 22.78% of products were snapped up at lower prices, with only 9.39% ringing in higher than the previous Black Friday week. The “Fashion” category stole the show with a whopping 36.44% of products bought at a steal.

Categories & Black Friday Wishlist

Product sales on the platform breached the 620,000 mark during Black Friday week, outshining the previous year. “Home-Garden,” “Technology,” and “Health-Beauty” clinched the top spots in orders, while “Home-Garden,” “Technology,” and “Fashion” reigned supreme in user visits.

In a groundbreaking move, Skroutz introduced the “Black Friday Wishlist” to elevate the shopping experience. With this ace up its sleeve, every product added to users’ “Favorites” automatically made it to the “Black Friday Wishlist.” Skroutz cherry-picked these gems, identified user darlings, and pulled strings with partner stores for better prices.

Top 10 Wishlist Winners

Behold the 10 superstars on the “Black Friday Wishlist” that scored price drops, thanks to Skroutz’s matchmaking prowess with platform stores.

Embracing Skroutz Points

Consumers embraced Skroutz Points with open arms, showcasing confidence in this pickup option. Deliveries to Skroutz Points during Black Friday skyrocketed by 108.94%, fueled by their flexibility, the rise in Skroutz Points, and the expanding list of cities on board.

For an in-depth dive into Black Friday data, head over here

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