Skroutz: Pick Up your order from the store, now available

Mar 14, 2023

Store pickup: The new service offers benefits to both consumers and merchants, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

With store pickup, consumers can enjoy a more convenient and flexible shopping experience, while merchants can increase their sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Skroutz, the #1 marketplace in Greece, now offers a new delivery option for users who prefer to collect their purchases from physical stores. With over 4,000 stores across Greece supporting this feature for more than 330,000 products, the selection of available options is constantly growing.

When placing an order, the user can opt for store pickup, which takes at least 2 working hours to prepare. Once the order is ready, the user will receive an email notification. It’s important to note that this service is only available when all items in the cart are eligible for the service. Note that cash on delivery payment and invoice issuance are not supported.

Skroutz’s new service combines the convenience of visiting the store with all the benefits of the Buy via Skroutz service, including money-back guarantees, purchase security, and free returns. Additionally, users get the opportunity to inspect the product before making the final purchase decision. Also, the user is not charged any shipping costs when opting for this delivery option.

Users can choose this option of delivery in three places: firstly, in the filters and “Purchase Options,” where they can select “Store Pickup” to see only the stores available for pickup; secondly, in the cart and “See stores that support” dropdown, where they can choose the store pickup option; and lastly, in the shipping options, where they have the choice to select “Store Pickup” instead of a shipping address.

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