Skroutz Reaches 1.000 Skroutz Points with a Target of 2.000 by Year End

May 4, 2023

Nearly 1 million orders have been served by Skroutz Point via Skroutz Last Mile in one year and a half of operation.

Skroutz, the leading marketplace in Greece, announces a significant milestone – we have successfully established 1.000 Skroutz Point, our automated pickup points, strategically located in various regions across Greece! And we have no plans of slowing down; our ambitious goal is to expand to 2.000 points by the end of the year.

The incredible popularity of Skroutz Last Mile, our seamless shipping service, reflects the overwhelming love from consumers for the Skroutz Point delivery method. Over the past year and a half, Skroutz Point has proudly served nearly 1 million orders for pickup, a testament to its convenience and efficiency. Remarkably, an overwhelming 70% of users opt for Skroutz Point after experiencing the service for the first time, with certain areas in Athens and Thessaloniki witnessing even higher adoption rates.

Expanding to New Cities

In addition to the existing Skroutz Point locations in Attica, Thessaloniki, Corinth, Chalkida, and Loutraki, we are excited to announce our expansion to cities in Northern Greece. The service is already available in Katerini, Veroia, Serres, Giannitsa, and Kilkis. Furthermore, we have plans to launch in other regions, including Kozani, Ptolemaida, Edessa, Patras, and Kalamata, shortly.

Regions Embracing the 1.000 Skroutz Point Deliveries









New Kipseli




Agios Pavlos, Thessaloniki


Pylaia, Thessaloniki



Sindos, Thessaloniki


Evosmos, Thessaloniki


Kalamaria, Thessaloniki


*Percentages are calculated based on the number of orders delivered to Skroutz Point, in relation to the total number of orders per region, and refer to the period 13-27 April. 

A prime example of a city outside Attica and Thessaloniki that warmly welcomed Skroutz Points is Corinth. Within just one month of introduction, 44% of orders in the region are now directed to our automated pick-up points, reflecting the immediate positive response from users.

Celebrating the 1.000 Skroutz Point Milestone

We are elated to reach this pivotal milestone in our company’s strategy. As a token of gratitude to all users who have placed their trust in us and chosen Skroutz Points as their preferred delivery method since day one, we have prepared a series of exciting activities. Over the next ten days, lucky users will discover Skroutz gift cards worth 50 euros randomly placed in their delivery boxes for their next Skroutz purchase.

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