Together for the society

Jan 19, 2024

A proverb wisely suggests: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with company.”

The concept of unity within a community is ingrained not only in our culture but also in our DNA, influencing every decision we make. For us, the response to every question is “together,” and in that spirit, we remain compassionate when society faces challenges. Throughout our journey, we consistently ensure the presence of valued partners and institutions that share our dedication to giving back.

Together… for Evros

In collaboration with the association “Together for Children,” we supported the local community’s efforts to repair the damage inflicted on the primary school of Palagia in the Municipality of Alexandroupolis during the fires in Evros last August. Aligned with the association’s vision for modern educational spaces, our assistance involved providing the school with the necessary technical and technological equipment, enabling the 78 students to access modern sciences, new technologies, and various subjects.

The driving force behind any significant achievement is the collective participation of individuals sharing a common vision.


Together… For the Schools

In September 2023, another region of the country, Thessaly, faced a new challenge—flooding. Teaming up with the Hatzigiakis Foundation, we aided 22 school units in affected areas (Volos, Larissa, Trikala, and Karditsa) in acquiring essential technical and technological equipment for an uninterrupted school year. The Hatzigiakis Foundation’s “Together for School” program continues its support for school units affected by the September floods, covering needs such as technological equipment, furniture, books, toys, and consumables.

At Skroutz, we believe in the power of teams, coming together for society, and recognizing the unique potential within each of us. The driving force behind every significant achievement lies in the collaboration of diverse individuals who share a common vision. We are grateful to have capable partners at Skroutz who share our passion for creating a better society by our side.

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