A Day with Shedia

Dec 20, 2023

Solidarity for a better future.

At Skroutz, we believe in the power of solidarity and collective action. Our goal is to contribute in any way we can to make our world a better place through a series of actions and collaborations. We are delighted to support organizations that share the same vision as us! It was a non brainer for us on how we will spend our Saturday: A day with Shedia! 

Shedia is the only street magazine in Greece and a member of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP). Through a series of actions, Shedia supports people in homelessness.

On Saturday, December 2nd, Skroutz sponsored the “Δράσεις Αλληλεπίδρασης” initiative. Our employees had the opportunity to spend a day with the members of the NGO, learn about the challenges they face, and witness how Shedia actively supports them.

Invisible Routes

The day started early in the morning from Metaxourgeio. Mr. Michalis and Mrs. Ioanna, Shedia’s vendors, awaited us outside the metro station with a big smile and enthusiasm to begin this very special journey. Through their personal narratives and a stroll through the “invisible” neighborhoods of Athens, we learned about the essential social structures of the city center (soup kitchens, shelters, detoxification centers, day centers, etc.) and how our guides have experienced or continue to experience life on the streets.

What impressed us was the warmth with which our guides spoke about Shedia and the optimism they had for the future despite the challenges they face.

invisible routes

Upcycling Workshop

Our walk had its final stop at Shedia Home, a unique space on Kolokotroni Street, where one can find a café-bar, a restaurant and Shedia’s sales point, a place where you can buy upcycled items made from older Shedia magazines. As we entered the space, we noticed dozens of handmade little houses and boats hanging from the ceiling.

shedia home

Each little house represents a person from Shedia who managed to leave the streets and find a home. And each little boat represents a vendor who managed to stand on their own feet and then leave Shedia for a more permanent job! – said the person responsible for the space.

And so, our workshop began. Shedia’s team showed us how to reuse pages from old Shedia magazines to create something new: from fridge magnets to pins and gift bags!

shedia creations

Lunch at Shedia Home

After completing the workshop and with everyone holding their own creations, we had the opportunity to try the Shedia Home restaurant and savor its unique flavors.

Thus, the day came to an end—an initiative that we hope will mark the beginning of a series of actions and collaborations in the future!

shedia home

Learn more about Shedia here. Read more about our social responsibility initiatives here.


Sxedia’s sales person for one hour

On Thursday, February 8th, once again the team of Skroutz stood by Shedia, becoming a seller for one hour on the streets of Athens, specifically at the train station in Marousi. A team of 20 people became sellers for Shedia and informed people about Shedia’s work, as well as assisted in selling the magazine.

Πωλητής Σχεδία
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