Understanding the Dynamics of e-Commerce via Consumer Shopping Habits Data

Mar 22, 2023

The conference aimed to inform attendees of the dynamics of e-commerce in Greek and international e-commerce, share trends and showcase the solutions Skroutz offers its partners. The number of Skroutz partners has grown to around 8,000 merchants.

Thanks to the company’s decision to strengthen qualitative and quantitative rules for successful partnerships. Active merchants contribute to Skroutz’s commitment to providing users with better experiences and encouraging partners to invest in further growth through Skroutz.

The dynamics of e-commerce

The dynamics of e-commerce were evident from the data shared by conference speakers Fanis Vacharis, Head of Digital Automations & Partner of Omnicliq, and Valia Aranitou, Associate Professor of Sociology, NKUA, and Director of the Institute of Commerce and Services (IN.EM.Y) of the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce & Entrepreneurship. Data suggested that by 2026, one in four retail sales would occur online, while by 2040, 95% of all purchases would be made online.

However, the new generation of consumers, Generation Z, trusts product and service reviews from independent consumers at a rate of 64%, thus underlining the importance of the shopping community. At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Hadjigeorgiou, CEO Skroutz, emphasized that, together with merchants and the community of two million active users, could build a “shopping community”.

Skroutz’s evolution and future

Panagiotis Gezerlis, Founder, and President of Convert Group, spoke about the value of data and how it could help increase sales and support decision-making in a business. Additionally, Manos Efthymiou, Commercial Director, Skroutz, and Yota Tzavara, Head of Commercial Partners Division, Skroutz, spoke about the platform’s evolution and future.

Manos Efthymiou stated that “The new capabilities we are giving to our partners create a commerce environment that redefines the shopping experience. Consumers through our platform can discover the best products for their needs and buy them in the easiest and safest way, while our commercial partners gain access to a highly engaged consumer audience through which they dramatically expand their store capabilities and increase their profitability.”

Moreover, the conference also discussed solutions offered by the platform to merchants. Michael Karpidis, Fulfilled By Skroutz Operations Manager, spoke about the Fulfilled by Skroutz service and how it helps solve daily difficulties for merchants. Elena Barbopoulou, Product Manager, presented promotional and advertising solutions available to merchants and shared some success stories that demonstrate Skroutz’s usefulness as an advertising tool.

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