Cooperation between Skroutz and Convert Group to provide sales data access to brands

Jul 5, 2023

Skroutz and Convert Group announce their partnership in launching the new Skroutz Market Intelligence service. This service grants access to Skroutz sales data for importers, manufacturers, and official distributors of branded products marketed on the Skroutz platform.

Skroutz, the #1 marketplace in Greece, and Convert Group, a leader in data & analytics for omni-channel commerce, join forces to introduce the Skroutz Market Intelligence service.  The service is tailored for official importers and distributors of branded products. This innovative offering is facilitated through Convert Group’s interactive eRetail Audit Marketplace platform, enabling Skroutz to make its sales data available to brands based on product and product category.

Now, Skroutz’s 33,000 brands spanning all categories gain invaluable information on a daily basis and enjoy near real-time access to data through a commercial agreement. This dataset encompasses retail sales turnover overall and by product, basket data and product correlation, competition and category data, consumer search terms by category and code, consumer navigation data, and marketing performance data, including Skroutz ads. All data usage strictly adheres to the framework of data protection legislation.

The dynamics of data

Access to Skroutz’s sales data, accounting for up to 65% of the country’s online sales by category, bestows brands with a crucial strategic advantage. With this powerful tool, they gain a representative “x-ray” of the entire market at their fingertips. The significance of this data is immense, spanning a period of 2 years to just 2 days prior. It enables them to promptly identify trends. Not only that but recognize patterns, evaluate and optimize advertising campaigns, and make informed decisions based on real market insights, avoiding speculations and assumptions.

Numerous companies and brands have already embraced Skroutz Market Intelligence, positioning themselves as pioneers in profiling and comprehending their e-commerce market. Notable examples include ALTEX (Funky Buddha), BIAN, BIC, Frezyderm, Kärcher, Mattel, and 2XM HELLAS.

Skroutz Market Intelligence: Vision

Ms. Yiota Tzavaras, Head of Partner Success at Skroutz, expresses the company’s clear goal since its inception: To create value in the retail ecosystem through technology and empower partner stores and brands with intelligent tools. Leveraging the data provided by Skroutz Market Intelligence services, she emphasizes the insightful sales growth opportunities it offers. The partnership with Convert Group signifies a new horizon where customers can gain in-depth insight into consumer buying needs and habits on the Skroutz platform in a highly accessible manner. By accessing these tools, brands can enhance their decision-making process and optimize their online presence, ultimately increasing profitability without relying on incomplete or inaccurate data.

Andreas Petropoulos, CEO of Convert Group, highlights the significance of Skroutz’s data democratization through Convert Group’s interactive eRetail Audit Marketplace platform. The aim is to further support the trade ecosystem in Greece and strengthen trusted relationships with thousands of brands. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, the eRetail Audit Marketplace platform processes, enriches, and transforms raw data into actionable insights, catering to the needs of both Greek and foreign consumers of Skroutz.

For more information about the service, please contact Ms. Tzavara at [email protected].

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