Skroutz is delivering fashion and analyzing the evolution of online shopping

Jul 13, 2023

30% of consumers who have purchased fashion products from Skroutz return for multiple fashion orders.

Skroutz is delivering fashion. Greece’s largest marketplace, conducts a comprehensive analysis and publication of online shopping trends in the fashion category, spanning from the beginning of 2023 until today. The accumulated data reveals that over half a million fashion purchases have been made during this time.

Offering an extensive selection of nearly 1.5 million products from 4,700 renowned fashion brands, Skroutz is delivering fashion. It has thus become the go-to destination for fashion-conscious consumers, providing virtually everything for every style and occasion. Users can explore around 150 niche fashion categories, ensuring an exceptional shopping experience with secure payments, delivery guarantees, and refund options.

With an average shopping cart value of 50€ and close to 30% of consumers making repeat fashion purchases, Skroutz’s new campaign rightfully earns its title as Greece’s largest marketplace, truly delivering fashion. Specifically, the data from the review period indicates that men’s fashion ranks at the top in terms of consumer preferences based on the number of orders, followed by sportswear, shoulder bags, and footwear, completing the list of the most popular fashion categories.”

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