Skroutz Academy and Virtual Assistant

Apr 25, 2023

Skroutz launches its Academy and invests in training and faster service for merchants to enhance their business performance.

Skroutz is committed to expanding the business development opportunities for its Skroutz Marketplace merchants. To this end, the company has launched the Skroutz Academy partner training platform and a new virtual partner service.
The platform offers interactive courses to help merchants learn how to use all of Skroutz’s features and tools more effectively.

Moreover, the courses are tailored to the category and size of each business and provide useful tips on increasing sales and improving business performance. Skroutz Academy also offers live training seminars conducted by Skroutz’s expert training team.

Currently, the platform includes 45 courses covering store, product, and order management, utilization of available services, and improving business performance. On top of that, new courses are added every month to meet the training needs of the partners. In the near future, Skroutz plans to add courses with simulation exercises, short guides, and courses on solving management issues and general knowledge to help partners develop their businesses.

Partners interested in Skroutz Academy can visit the platform to learn more.

Additionally, Skroutz has launched a new virtual partner service to provide quick and consistent answers to partners’ questions. The service currently covers cases of late delivery, informing partners of the delivery status and the next steps to take. Skroutz plans to expand the virtual assistant’s capabilities to provide comprehensive answers to all questions about deliveries and freight forwarding in the future.