Introducing Revolutionary Advertising Solutions for Brands

May 17, 2023

Skroutz offers Performance Marketing solutions for creating, managing and tracking product promotion campaigns.

Skroutz proudly presents its cutting-edge Performance Marketing solutions, designed to empower brands in creating, managing, and monitoring highly effective product promotion campaigns.

As the #1 marketplace in Greece, Skroutz opens the gateway for brands to reach over 8 million visitors on our platform with innovative advertising solutions! Our comprehensive offerings cater to every communication need, providing essential tools throughout the marketing funnel – from generating awareness and consideration to driving conversions.

Excitingly, we now unveil a brand-new automated system for planning, managing, and monitoring “sponsored products” campaigns. This advertising vehicle empowers brands to choose the products they wish to promote, securing top-ranking positions within the respective categories.

Advertisers can rapidly and efficiently activate their product promotion campaigns through the Partner Space, ensuring full control over product selection, costs (setting the CPC – bid of their choice), ad duration, and real-time performance tracking. Our fully automated process grants exceptional flexibility and autonomy, streamlining the entire campaign journey.

Notably, during the trial period (beta), brands that leveraged our platform witnessed an astounding increase of up to 52% in their visits to Skroutz, along with a remarkable up to 25% surge in sales.

For more information on these game-changing advertising solutions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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