Skroutz Feed: behind the scenes with the team

Sep 19, 2023

Skroutz Feed is the new, personalized homepage of the Skroutz that through a complex but exciting process, serves relevant content to our millions of users. Thus, making the beginning of a social shopping experience on our platform. The team behind this unique project tells us all about it (you may enable English subtitles via the player menu):

How did it all start?

We knew that Skroutz with its millions of products, can cater to the most demanding consumer. We believe, however, that this is not always enough to make it easy for each user to find what they need quickly and efficiently. And be inspired along the way!

We wanted to “build” a place where users could discover new content, whether it was created by Skroutz itself or by other users.
– Giannis Makridis, Lead Product Manager

So, bringing smart and targeted suggestions to each of our users according to their own needs and through a helpful interface, was a must-have.

The new Skroutz homepage is practically a personalized feed with a wide variety of different themed posts, where every user can find ideas and suggestions tailored to their needs.
– Elena Kazia Batma, Product Manager

We were quite challenged with how we could bring the most relevant and fresh content to each user on a daily basis, on a single and interesting page.

We started by defining each user’s key journeys through suggestions based on their needs, interests, and buying habits as captured within our platform.

Most importantly, we created ‘smart’ recommenders, so that the content people see on their homepage could reflect their true interests.
– Andreas Loupasakis, Principal Engineer & Team Leader

What were the biggest challenges?

Managing and computing big data
We had to manage a huge amount of data every second so that when users visit their homepage, new content is displayed.
With millions of products and users interacting and creating signals, this had to be done in a minimum amount of time so that when someone visits their homepage, fresh content is displayed very very quickly.

Proper variety and differentiation
Create a variety of content with different topics that match different signals. We had to think about how to combine these content proposals harmoniously, and how to alternate different types of post formats (video, images, articles, etc.) in a way that would look seamless to the user.

Fresh content every day for every user
What will we show? Before we started working on this project, we had learned to produce a few good pieces of content. Now we had to go out into mass production. Scale up from 3 videos a month to 300! Like having a magazine for every user that was created every single time they visited Skroutz homepage. So a big challenge for us was to find quick and easy ways to create this content.

We started experimentally, learned how to produce hundreds of different videos a month and created a few thousand shop the look suggestions, buying guides, videos and themed hubs, before we even went live.
– Artemis Androutsopoulou, Merchandising Lead

What comes next?

skroutz feed

We want to give a voice to the Skroutz community so that our users can share their shopping experience and express their views in any way they prefer: with a review, a discussion, a video, or even an article. What better way to learn and be inspired by people with common interests than you, right?

We enable users to share their experience and knowledge about a product, a category, or anything that can bring value to other users. So their content is visible to millions of other users, but at the same time, they are rewarded for it.

That’s why we developed a reward program specifically for creators that is constantly evolving! From September 1st 2023, users who create videos for us can be rewarded based either on the number of new views they get each month or with a percentage of the sales made through them. Sounds fun? Read more here.

Our goal is to create an even stronger community and give our users a personalized and inspiring content-rich shopping experience. So let’s create the largest social shopping community together!

Read more about Skroutz here.