Ode Imerida meets success : a visit to Skroutz headquarters

May 1, 2024

Written by Sarantis Marinos.
Head Manager of student conference “ODEuontas gia WORK-LIFE BALANCE”
4th year student of Business Administration at Athens University of Economics and Business

Recently, a visit took place by volunteer students of the Business Administration & Management department of Athens University of Economics and Business to Skroutz S.A. offices. More specifically, on Friday 5th of April, the volunteers of the student conference “Odeuontas gia WORK-LIFE BALANCE” attended the Skroutz company in Nea Ionia.

Having established an excellent collaboration between the volunteers of the student conference, the scientific supervisor Dr. Chatzopoulou Elena, and the Chief Marketing Officer of Skroutz Thaleia Geladaki, a visit of the volunteers to the company’s headquarters was scheduled. There, they encountered two administrative executives of the company: from the human resources department and the marketing department.

Initially, the People Operations Lead (HR department), Nour Badredin, presented the company’s history and organization. In other words, she showed in which departments the company is divided and highlighted within the 19-year timeframe how it managed to evolve from a price comparison platform to become the largest marketplace in Greece and Cyprus, what kind of services it successfully provides to its customers, etc. A key success factor is its human-centered nature, which cares not only for its employees, customers, and partners but also for every fellow being, demonstrating it through non-profit actions while keeping a low profile.

After a short break for snacks and souvenirs, the Marketing Lead, Nick Soueref, analyzed the importance of marketing for the company and how it contributed to the development of Skroutz in Greece and Cyprus. The students were informed about strategic moves that have been utilized, and how the business managed to become a leader and to face various challenges. Moreover, Mr. Soueref advised the students on how to navigate their first professional steps. Before the end of the visit, Ms. Nour, or as her colleagues call her, Sailor Nour, guided the volunteers to the offices and various facilities of the company, making the chemistry among the employees more apparent.

In a nutshell, the students had the opportunity to get in touch with a successful Greek company with a healthy work environment and to receive a plethora of useful information.